We call the Palmeran wilderness Trails “Caminos Reales” or Pathways of the Kings, with good reason! There is no other Biking area in Europe with such a dense, diverse network of trails and with such varied levels of difficulty from smooth flowing paths to technically challenging rough terrain. La Palma offers everything for every biker, and enough potential for endless hours of unspoiled trail riding pleasure! Daily Singletrail Tours start from our Bike Centre. We specially design the routes according to your individual needs and allowing for weather conditions.

The excursions can be booked as Singletrail-Special-Week or daily, as 3-day-package or 5-day-package.

Singletrail-Tours 1 Tour 3 Tours 5 Tours
Own bike 58 €* 165 €* 265 €*
Incl. rental fully 98 €* 285 €* 465 €*
Incl. rental e-fully 108 €* 300 €* 515 €*

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How to get there

By plane from several airports drectly to Santa Cruz de La Palma ( SPC ) or to Tenerife South ( TFS ) and continue with the ferry Fred Olsen or Naviera Armas. 

Airline websites Condor / Iberia

Your profile

You love Mountain bikes because you want to ride wild single-tracks! Where you can feel in touch with Nature and the elements and the flow of winding pathways is more important for you than a pulse clock and cranked Altimeter. Nevertheless: 600 to 1000 meter climbs are easy for you and short sections carrying your bike are no problem!


Prerequisite for our tours is a full-suspension downhill bike compatible with at least 150 mm of travel and adequately dimensioned brakes. You can also rely on our well-maintained, well-equipped Enduro Fullies. Advance booking is definitely recommended.


Our Singletrack tours are lead by trained and experienced Tour guides. Personal contact with individual Tour planning is our speciality, for this reason the number of participants is kept to between three and seven persons. With just a few exceptions we can offer Tour weeks and Single-track days at any time of the year.

  • 5 Singletrail Tours, daily Shuttles und Guiding included (max. 6-7 persons)
  • 2 Extrashuttles + Extra-Trails (Singletrail-Special +19,- €*) optionally
  • Bike-Storage Service (replacement parts required are invoiced separately)
  • Optional: Rental fully
  • Airportshuttle on request
  • WLAN

Minimum number of participants 3 persons:
For less than 3 persons we charge a special-guiding fee of 25 €* per tour and participant or exchange services with our competitors.

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Per person - all prices include 7% canarian VAT (I.G.I.C.). Accommodation in a single room or at a apartment / hotel charges extra (except Morocco).